You ARE Beautiful!

All too often this world, this "society" we live in takes something beautiful and shreds it into a million pieces for us to put back together again. Then they tell you if you are not "together" then you are broken. You need to be "Fixed!" A little nip here and a tuck there! Now while we are totally not against any type of plastic surgery or body modification that makes you feel good, we do believe that healing comes from within! Truly falling madly in love with who you are comes from INSIDE YOU!! You have to take ownership and decide not to let the boundaries of the beauty industry define how you feel about yourself. For Christs sake, this is an industry that is ever changing itself telling you that you are not good enough. If you make these changes this year they want the complete opposite a few years down the road. Take all of us that plucked out all our eyebrows in the 90's for example, lmao. Here we are in 2023 trying to get microblading so that we can undo what the beauty industry said was trendy! Trends come and go but you are authentically you forever.

Roxanne was amazing enough to share the journey that broke her down as a woman during her session. She was signed to a well known modeling agency at an early age. That's amazing, right? Or is it? From a very vulnerable age this beautiful woman was put under the scrutiny of having her body constantly judged by "beauty professionals." Being told things like "she is tall enough but her thighs are too thick," "She would need to drop another 15lbs," or (This one really blew my mind!) "we will have to pin her ears back." LIKE WTF!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! They broke her confidence in a way that takes years to repair! Always being "ALMOST" good enough.

"This session was one of the most raw and emotional sessions of my career. We laughed and cried. I'm so thankful for the connection we made during this session."

This BABE decided to take back what is hers...

She took back her dignity! Then she broke the bondage that they had her in. She left the modeling industry learning it no longer served who she stood for. Sure she has been down her fair share of broken roads since. The life things that broke her down. Through it all though Roxanne remained determined to love herself again! HELL NO! Its not always an easy task. It takes work, diligence, patience with yourself when you feel weak and the constant reminding yourself you are enough. Remembering not to let society's opinion choke you out! Loving yourself doesn't just feel different. It looks different too. Now that we are breaking the boundaries of what "they" say we have to be we are all more accepted for our unique individualities. WE ARE CONFIDENT! WE ARE MAKING CHANGES IN THE INDUSTRY! Thanks to all the "Lizzo's" of the world! And the "ROXANNES" that are your everyday women, moms, sisters, friends and WARRIORS. We are our own kind of superstars and when we are vulnerable enough to share our stories we make a difference to people just like us. Every time a woman overcomes her lack of self confidence it is a WIN for all of us!

"Thank you Roxanne for sharing your story of learning to LOVE YOU AGAIN with all of us!
You are a Total Rockstar!!!"

Roxanne used her session as documentation that she has learned to love herself again! Boudoir can also be the beginning of your journey! A doorway to see what we can't always see ourselves because all the negative thoughts block our true vision. We are programmed to feel like less because we are SO POWERFUL when we are at our full potential!

Let us help you take YOUR POWER back!