Have a beach session scheduled... here's some tips.

Vacation memories are my favorite memories! Vacation is a time where we are all so care free without a worry in the world! We want to help you preserve these memories in time for generations to come. When thinking about what to wear for your beach session, think about the results you want to achieve and what you will be doing with the photos after the session.

Will you be using them primarily for social media, do you plan on printing them to put into a vacation album, or do you want to create a beautiful piece of art to hang in your home. What style would you prefer hanging on your wall or collecting likes on your social media. Are you drawn to richer, bold colors that pop; will they go with your decor? Or would you prefer something softer and dreamy, lighter more neutral color choices will look best.

We have curated an Amazon Style Board with shopping links you can access here : https://www.pinterest.com/Soulgrown_Sisters/beachy-vibes/

In general here are some tips that you want to take into account when having a session with more than one subject.

  • Only one person in the group wears print, the rest of the group wearing coordinating solid color clothing.

Prints are lovely, however when more than one person has a print on in group photos the images turn out very busy. For family sessions if Mom wears a print, have the

coordinating family members in solids. White and Kahiki are always great beach choices. Black works too.

  • Long flowy dresses are beautiful on the beach. They create a dramatic effect.

  • Rompers are an excellent choice with the wind on the beach. Rompers flatter many shapes of bodies if you find the right fit.

  • Bring the hats ladies!!! We need drama! Big floppy hats or fedoras are so pretty and add a touch of style to most outfits.

  • Shorts are always a great choice if you feel confident and comfortable in a great pair of shorts paired with a cute summer top like the couple above.

  • Make sure whatever you choose to wear that your bra straps are not showing, or you are having to constantly adjust your outfit to hide them.

  • Choose your outfit based on your confidence in the outfit. If you do not feel confident in your outfit, you will not love the photos. If you constantly have to adjust your clothing, I can promise you they will not stay put on a windy beach.

  • Kahiki shorts and a solid button up white shirt are a classic for the guys. It's hard to go wrong with that choice.

  • If you choose a short dress, wear some swimsuit bottoms underneath in case it's windy.

  • Keep as many things as possible out of pockets so you don't have to empty your pockets out at the beach.

We are ALWAYS down for you texting or emailing us your choices\combinations to decide.

Our most favorite past times have been spent at the beach. We cannot wait to make some memories with you there!