A Family Owned Seafood Truck

Not only is this food truck family owned, it is owned and operated by WOMEN as well!! "YASSSS Queens!!!" So, to launch our brand new Soulgrown Small Business Saturday blog series we are going to start off with a bang and help you get to know the Seafood Queens. Then we will finish up with why this series is so close to our hearts.

The Seafood Queens name is quickly becoming a household name in St Clair and Jefferson County in Alabama. Tammy Montgomery and her two beautiful daughters are building their family empire selling seafood boils by the dozens y'all! This is on a daily basis. Sometimes even selling out!! But no worries because they even accept preorders!! Tammy is dedicated to seeing her girls dreams come true and hustles solo in the truck during the day. She serves lunch at multiple locations weekly. Her girls join her in the evenings after work for dinner and weekend events. We love that these ladies all pitch in together to see that their business get handled. We have been honored to have become friends with Tammy over the last several months.

We have also personally enjoyed several items off the Seafood Queens menu including the Steak and Shrimp, Shrimp Boils and Shrimp'n'Grits. Ha! And don't even get us started on the buttery goodness of the white rice that comes as a side on most dishes. We have even heard talk of them selling their secret sauce, we hope that happens sooner than later! When we tell y'all everything we have had has been delicious we are telling nothing but the truth. Mmmm MMMmmmm! (I could eat some now!) If you don't want to take our opinions for it though just go check out their Facebook page "Seafood Queens" and read the comments in the post they make. These ladies are in high demand for sure!

Seafood Queens are available to book for all events. Weddings, festivals, reunions, block parties or whatever else one could dream up. Help us support a local small business like the Seafood Queens. You can do that by booking them for your next event. Picking up dinner at one of their weekly stops or by simply sharing this blog so that all the locals and surround areas can get to know more about the Seafood Queens.

Y'all the reason we wanted to take time to highlight small business is because honestly, they just don't get it enough. Not in a positive light anyway. When it comes down to it, if a small business owner makes one tiny mistake people take to their local Facebook groups to destroy all that they have worked hard to build. Small business owners are human and most times willing to fix any error because we know how badly a bad review can tarnish our names. We strive to create a positive experience like I'm sure most business owners do. We want to recognize these business we feature in a positive light and remind them that they are killing it chasing their dreams! We want them to know Soulgrown is about the community and that includes all of us small business owners. With all that said, go share something positive about an experience you had with a small business recently. Tell your friends, send them to shops that care about their experience. This is how we are going to grow as a community and an economy that is taking back our freedoms of being successful small business owners.