Our Friends and Encouragers

We have been thinking about writing something to describe our appreciation for the River Rest team. Honestly there just are no words to describe such wonderful people. They have encouraged and supported every step of our journey. They have shared opportunities and insight as we began to grow Soulgrown. It is always a wonderful experience working their venue especially since it has a piece of my heart.

~ Kim

Here is the backstory...

Kim began working for Mr. Mixons HVAC company sometime in 2016 I think. Mr & Mrs Mixon (Richard & Ellen, pictured to the left) owned a beautiful bed & breakfast estate on Logan Martin lake in Talladega AL. At the time the b&b was not operational and had been on the market for quite sometime. In the HVAC office we would often dream up possibilities of such a gorgeous space. One day one of us said WEDDING VENUE! Richard took it a ran! Construction began and before we knew it we were all trying to figure out how to run a wedding venue. Now that was a game changer from our HVAC jobs but we went for it and did our best to figure it out.

This was the beginning of so much and I really didn't even realize it at the time.

Then came the wonderful Dee Wilson...

Dee is River Rest Venue Coordinator. She (Pictured with her daughter Summer) jumped in and showed us the ropes on how to really get things going. From the beginning she made the success of the venue her priority. The venue is also special to Summer because her gorgeous wedding was at River Rest as well. Now Summer has come to know the venue as well as her mom and is part of the team for many occasions.

Something we love about River Rest is the fact that its a family owned business and the friends that helped pour into it have all now become family too. Even as I stepped away from the wedding venue and HVAC company for a while to explore career options and began working on Soulgrown with my sister they never stopped supporting our dream. The River Rest team are a part of our family. We adore them!

When Soulgrown and River Rest are teamed up we create a beautiful experience for our clients. Everyone feels at home and it just flows.

All this is to say Thank You! Thank you for being our friends, thank you for supporting us and encouraging us even when we were in learning curves. You all do not know how much that means to us! We love you all!

If you are looking for a wedding venue...


Dee Wilson 256-368-8153

River Rest Event Venue

Talladega, AL