Seventy Times Seven!

Spiritual Talk!

This season has been a spiritual one. In our connection with God, our families, friends and our business. Y'all we have been TIRED, do you hear me? Working full time jobs and running this business has been exhausting if we are being completely honest. AND WE ARE! We have asked God to show us what our path is and He has been very forthcoming with the signs. On a level that people who are not on our spiritual plain wouldn't even believe. Trust us! Some people think we are beyond off our rockers and more on the verge of bat shit crazy level for talking about quitting our jobs in the middle of a pandemic.

Quite often our conversations start off with "Would it be crazy If I..." and we agree we are NOT crazy. lol God is just laying this path out for us and well its is NOW OR NEVER!

So back to my point...

Tonight I was running numbers and reconciling with years past. Still convincing myself that "We have got this!"

I noticed that in 2019 we only had 19 bookings that entire year. Year to date, this year we've had 70 bookings. That is crazy growth to be working full time jobs. No wonder we are exhausted and think we are crazy. LOL


We are in a season of signs. God has done it AGAIN!! It is like one after the other. He is so GOOD!

Seventy to me means only the beginning! Just when you think you have done enough it is only the beginning.

I know in the bible it talks about forgiving 70 times 7 but today the message God gave me was that 70 is just the beginning.

Now it is up to us to multiply it and step out on faith and grow from here. To keep going. To fight like hell for what is laid out for us. God has shown us already in so many ways that He has us. We truly give all the glory to Him.

Thank you to everyone that has poured into our business.

We are so blessed! So Thankful and Forever Humbled!